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Deborah Jaffe is a photographer who has been shooting for over 30 years.

Time Line:

1965 Moscow, USSR. Deborah Saint Clair Jaffe is born in the Institute of Gynocology to American, Samual Adason Jaffe and New Zealander, Elizabeth Jeune Jaffe, 26 years old.

1966 Sam is forced to leave Moscow. Deborah, Sam and Jeune relocate to Hong Kong. Sam is the Hong Kong Bureau Chief for ABC News. He covers the Vietnam War, often with Jeune by his side.

1970 Deborah, sister Leah, Jeune and Sam move into The Irene apartment building in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

1970 Sam quits ABC NEWS. The “problem”.

1971 Deborah and family move to a 1938 Cape Cod style brick house at 6510 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland.

Deborah attends Burning Tree Elementary School.

1972 Sam got a freelance assignment for UPI to go to The Peoples Republic of China for three and a half months.

Deborah is admitted to the AP program at Whittier Woods Elementary School.

1974 Sam returns to China.

1976 Deborah attends Pyle Junior High School.

1979 Bethesda, Maryland. Deborah attends Walt Whitman High School.

1980 Deborah, Leah and Jeune visit Jeune’s mother Muriel, who is close to death, living in a hospital in Invercargill, New Zealand.

Sam attempt suicide, thinking Jeune is taking the girls and leaving him for good.

1983 Deborah is accepted to Carnegie Mellon University just on her paintings and drawings

Sam’s name is cleared by Judge Barrington Parker. You can read more about that here.

1984 12 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Winter break. Deborah leaves CMU to take care of Sam who is dying of Black Lung Disease, Emphasema and sorosis of the liver.

1985 02 08 Sam dies in his bed.

1985-02-14 Sam’s funeral at Arlington National Cemetery. There is a 21 gun salute. Ted Koppel reads eulogy.

1985 03 Half Brother David Jaffe takes Deborah to Paris for two weeks. After one week, David, who is a freelance cameraman for ABC NEWS leaves Deborah to go shoot the famines in Ethiopia for the second time.

1985 Deborah gets is hired by Sylvie Bressler as an au pair to take care of Vanessa, 8, and Michael, 6. She moves into the servants quarters on Avenue du President Wilson in the 16th arrondissement. It is a seven floor walk up.

1986 Deborah is admitted to Parsons School of Design in Paris. She continues her studies in Painting and Drawing. She also adds sculpture and photography. Her art history classes are at the American College in Paris. She takes cooking classes at the Cordon Bleu.

1986 David move to Paris from New York city with his then wife, Susan. Deborah moves in with them. They live in a beautiful apartment in the 16th arrondiesmont on Avenue de Beloi.

Deborah starts shooting.

Agnes b asks to meet with Deborah. She buys one of Deborah’s photos for her Prince Street boutique.

1986 Deborah returns to CMU.

1987 Deborah returns to Paris to shoot the fashion shows.

1987 Deborah drops out of CMU. Jeune cannot afford it. Leah drops out of the Cochran School of Design in Washington, D.C.

1988 Deborah moved to an apartment on Broome Street with her then boyfriend, Creative Director Matt Berman. You can read more about Matt’s experiences working at Elle and John Kennedy’s George Magazine here.

1989 Deborah starts shooting for Elle Magazine.

1995-03-23 Deborah and Matt break up.

2006 Deborah goes to India for a month for Jupiter Images

2018 Deborah moves back to Los Angeles, California.

2019 Deborah moves into a guest house on South Orange Grove.

2019 Shoots for BassamFellows




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