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 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA AUGUST 05, 2016 Victory Hall Opera rehearsal of Someone Younger (Der Rosenkavalier) on August 5, 2016. 
Pictured from left to right: 
Sophie played by Janinah Burnett
Pianist John Mayhood
Composer Conrad Chu
(Photo by Deborah Jaffe for The Washington Post)

victory hall opera rehearsal/the washington post

I spent the day in Charlottesville, Virginia with the very talented cast of the Victory Hall Opera. I found them in a large space in an old church. The large room was furnished sparsely with a piano, a large plastic table and a lot folding chairs. The cast were sitting in a circle discussing the opera, while the pianist and stage manager waited in off to the side. Then the singing began. I cannot describe it in words or photos. I wish I had brought a audio recorder. Next time I will.

The Victory Hall Opera are based in Charlottesville, Virginia. They are a pioneering new opera company led by opera singers Miriam Gordon-Stewart (Artistic Director) and Brenda Patterson (Director of Music) and co-founded by Charlottesvillian opera director Maggie Bell. Miriam, Brenda and Maggie present a new model for what an opera company can be: not an institution, but a troupe. Please see more about them on their website Victory Hall Opera.