los angeles based creative director + photographer
The Whispering Campaign (Teaser)


Ad, Advertising, Documentary, Fall Campaign, Fall Campaing, Ferragamo, Interview, Luxury Goods, Takoma Radio, WOWD

Deborah Jaffe is a photographer and director. Her films include the teaser for the upcoming documentary The Whispering Campaign, about her father, Sam Jaffe, ABC Foreign Correspondent who opened the bureau for ABC NEWS in Moscow in 1961 where Deborah was born.

She also shot two short films for Salvatore Ferragamo. The first was the history of Salvatore Ferragamo and the second was a Super 8 film starring Tara Subkoff and James Legros shot in the Hollywood Hills for the Fall Feragamo campaign. Both films were shown in Ferragamo & Saks Fifth Avenue stores and windows worldwide.